About Ed


Ed is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He was granted a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree with a major in History in 1980 and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree with a major in Public Policy in 1984, both from the University of Manitoba.

While living in Winnipeg, Ed worked as a sporting goods salesman, a taxi driver, an historical researcher and a credit manager and later an operations manager for a leasing company.

He moved to Ottawa in 1987 to attend law school at the University of Ottawa, from which he obtained his law degree in 1990.  After graduation, he articled and practiced as a litigation lawyer for over 20 years at the office of a national law firm, before moving to Canada’s first boutique Supreme Court of Canada agency firm.

In 2012, Ed struck off on his own to become a full-time Qualified Mediator (Q. Med).  The banner image at the top of each page of this website commemorates both that date and Ed’s continuing interest in dispute resolution.  The year 2012 was the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812 between the British Empire, of which Canada was then a part, and the fledgling republic to our south, the United States of America.  That unfortunate and indecisive war was finally ended in 1815 when the belligerents negotiated the Treaty of Ghent, the signing of which is depicted in the painting you see at the top of this page.  It was an avoidable war that solved very little.  It serves as a reminder to students of history, as well anyone involved in conflict in their everyday lives, that dispute resolution by peaceful, cooperative means is often the preferable option.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ed is a member of the roster of mediators for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program for the City of Ottawa.

While practicing law (he voluntarily surrendered his licence to practice on December 31, 2017), Ed acted for both plaintiffs and defendants and has practiced in many diverse areas of civil/commercial litigation over the years, including employment law; landlord and tenant (both commercial and residential); insurance; contract and shareholders disputes; negligence and nuisance claims; construction law; bankruptcy & insolvency and, professional discipline matters.  This gives him the ability to assist parties in negotiating settlements in a wide variety of disputes with integrity and confidence.

He headed his former firm’s Ottawa Employment and Labour Law Group and co-chaired its Articling Committee.  Ed has also served as Independent Legal Counsel for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais and is now a roster mediator for the BBB.

A regular volunteer for Lawyers Feed the Hungry, Ed was the premier plate-scraper at the Ottawa Mission, although he has since discovered the unique challenge of waiting on tables.

When not mediating, Ed can often be found reading about or simulating the great campaigns of military history, which has greatly reinforced his view that direct conflict should usually be the last resort.